CUTE Dog Play Hide and Seek With Owner | Top Dog Video Compilation

CUTE Dog Play Hide and Seek With Owner | Top Dog Video Compilation
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Nishat Subha says:

1:42……. hahaha I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂

Nishat Subha says:

Awww….. The first one is too cute…😘😘

Ana says:

Muito fofos. Visão periférica deles não parece ser o forte deles.

Carmen Caldera says:

the first one was sooooooo cute

Faux Manchu says:


Descendants 2 says:

I loved the first part and this one at 1:39 😂

Descendants 2 says:

Awhh this was so cute ! ❤

Pug Face Vlogs says:

When i play hide and seek with my puppy he cries because he cant find me

Villager Life KH says:

Haha very funny moment of the dog.

Nikhil Sukumar says:

Animals are so innocent

Hallo, mein Name ist Pizza says:

Omg the first one killd mee 😂😂

UnbeLITAble ! says:

1:25 Dog: I can smell you!
1:26 Dog: Get out of the closet right now! 😂

Victor Hudson says:

OMG! How can my dog play the game?

Nakamura Sona says:

They seem to be scared

Sarah Clark says:

Used to do this with my dog 😂 works with toddlers too

Patricia Newnes says:

1:26 what music do you use there


The first 1 made me laugh so much

Nilesh Rai says:

No matter how good the video is clickbaits always upsets me.

snipe69 says:

Bull terriers aren't very bright, but are wonderful, loving dogs

Rema Padilla says:

The first one

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