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We’re celebrating the end of 2017 by reminiscing on all our favorite dog videos of the year! We have puppies, doggos, puppers, floofers, guilty dogs, service dogs, lazy dogs, smart dogs, happy dogs and more!

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Luigi Bianco says:

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Now anti-Whites are gloating and counting down the days until White children are a minority and eventually extinct everywhere!
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CAngel57ful says:

Absolutely precious.

pinkywinky222 says:

Where’s the dog who had a funny reaction when he saw a kitten? I’m disappointed 😔

Edit: just kidding. This video made my night! ☺️❤️

Maryam Chujfi says:


gabrielle turner says:

Old bias actually credit deer personally people slice still traveler

EvaMarie Taylor says:

Omg hw adorable best one thks

ItzJustChrissi Msp says:

Lol when the momma dog covers her child eyes I was like she must be thing PG13

Time to Squanch says:

0:45 be like "WHAAAAAAT"

SmokyBarret says:

the one on the escalator was like "don't judge me.."

Blinks Fin says:

HaHa! The first one!

moonwalkingthroughlife says:

Doggos are the best!!!!!

fulmarmusic says:


SlobberRobber says:

dogs are the best people

Tassie G says:

You have a great channel and I love the content BUT the damn music spoils it. Either decrease the volume or eliminate it altogether. I know I am not alone in feeling this way.

kirby garcia says:

0:28 Corgi doing exercise: 1234 come on ladies work it works those legs😆😆😆😆😆

C⃟H⃟E⃟L⃟L⃟Y⃟C⃟O⃟R⃟N⃟R⃟E⃟I⃟M⃟B⃟O⃟ says:

The dog running to the school bus is the cutest video I will see this year.

valeria ovalle g. says:

I love a dogs <3 <3 <3

CNCRRY says:

1:00 A think ive seen a squiddo over here

inue windwalker says:

that first dog is EXACTLY like my jack Russel mini greyhound mix. she hates hugs, and being picked up so i don't she will tolerate being petted though

zaimah Begum-Diamond says:

Ded…that husky was the best..on her mom's back checking out pics

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