Dog Cries Every Time He’s Touched — Until He Meets This Woman | The Dodo

Kanye the Shelter Dog Cries Every Time He’s Touched | Kanye the shelter puppy couldn’t stop crying out in pain when anyone came near him because he’d never felt a gentle touch. But then he met this woman, and she knew exactly how to transform him into the most trusting dog ❤️

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Credit: Monica Mitreanu via JukinVideo (

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.


The Dodo says:

Best Kanye of all time? Thumbs up if you agree.

Deacon Kendrick says:

i would murrder the person that harmed her

Rango Hernandez says:

Thats so sad😢

WorldWar Bang says:

Why is their dislikes wtf

Cerbero Official says:

Faith in humanity: restored.

Marius Ciobanu says:

Romenian Woman <3 #Respect Romenian

Dj Spoonysmackdown says:


Dj Spoonysmackdown says:


Ben Morton says:

i dont know weather to smile or to be sad as this is heart warming but also shows how horrible people can be

Barry Whitney says:

So cute 🙂

Lorena Lopez says:

I was going to cry I love dogs with all my heart 😫😫😭😭😭😤😤😤😩😩😞😞😖🙁🙁☹️😖😡😠

CC R says:

This dog very scared look at the tail between the legs

Mario GT says:

:'( :'(

Eddy Gont says:

Somehow i think his name is Câine and NOT Kanye…she is talking in romanian and Câine means Dog

Johnny Gat says:

The people who gave dislikes are not real people but demons

DeKo22 says:

She is from Romania glad to see this <3

Richard Perez says:

This is pathetic that humans would treat a loving animal this way to drive it to be in such terror at just a gentle touch..makes me mad and sad at the same time..glad he's doing better..

Heiko Gallagan says:

It's so dreadful to see that some people abuse their animal. I'd love to give them a new life of love, peace and happiness but I can't. My dog passed away on June and it still hurts so much that I don't want to own a dog again.

Petricã George says:

that's a romanian women

Tommy Feng says:

This is how my dogs scream after being karma-ed by cats but ofcourse not this fuking loud, ear rape😤😵

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