Stella Plays Dead (ORIGINAL)

This is my dog Stella playing dead that made her famous 🙂

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Linda Menge says:

Stella is an amazing dog. She really "gets" the concept of being shot dead! Love Stella!

manzanitacris says:

So cute!!!!

Steven Blakeley says:

I try to build the anticipation before saying bang and she does it on her own, when she would do it I would reward more with treats

Deborah Burrows says:

Did you do it by pretending to throw a ball over her head?

Deborah Burrows says:

Please please please tell us how you taught her to throw her head back and be so loose and floppy.

TheFearofpublicspeak says:

How on earth did you teach her to throw her head back like that. She's so awesome lol

VectorRUS says:

You're dog is incredible man

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