Dog Really Hates Middle Finger Compilation

Dogs really don’t like being flipped off. Funny reaction of dogs to the middle finger.

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Jj says:

I want to do this to my dog so bad right now but she's been through so much I think it would really hurt her feelings i can't. but this is so funny.

Run Platypus says:

My dog is not responding, he's just staring at me.

Wh Loyal says:

Do not do that that was not nice to god

Joy Jackson says:

I wanna try this, but I got a German Shepard 😂I ain't gone have a middle finger no more

Hawkeye says:

0:40 2:10 are the best

Uknown Person says:

dogz can understand it haha ./.

marsha roman says:

Who else thinks 2:48 is a little girl

Lunar gaming / hard tale says:

2:50 when the dog saw the middle finger his eyes glowed

Huba LubaBuba says:

Me da risa cuando los perros suben la parte de arriba de los dientes y se lleven todo los dientes de adelante xD

Chrome swag4428 says:

I died at the 3rd one 😂

Top Kek says:

0:40 lol

knock out Gaming says:

That black hand 😂😂😂

DanRiver101 says:

idiot humans


These dogs are goats🐐

jay h says:

I did it to my 🐕 after watching this

More Love says:

My dogs licked my finger😂😂😂😂

El dragonsito infernal says:

The Exorcist

Logical Fallacy says:

Maybe they look like sausages to them.

yummy, yummy, s a u s a g e s

Martha Avellana says:

The third video was so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂I can't stop laughing

602taliban says:

lmao why would you flip a dog off in the first place

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