Little homeless dog rescued using a cool trick. The end will make you SO HAPPY!

Hello everybody. It’s almost the end of the year and we need your support. If every person watching this video would donate just $5, we will be able to save so many more animals in 2018.
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Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel says:

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Stephanie Mateo says:

She is truly the most funniest playful dog ever at the end😂 very heart warming when I see theses videos💖

Michelle Rodriguez says:

Sooooo cute

Jorge Lopez says:

I just donated 🙏

Brenda Orellana says:

What breed is this puppy ? ); i want to get a dog like this

Katie Ramirez says:

i want to have her but i cant adopt her because i am only 10 and i have 4 dogs but i want 5

George786 says:

Just a cat person passing by

GalaxyCat says:

Will it take money to adopt one here

Helen Wei says:

I will adopt her

Kas M says:

OMG I was so happy at the end.

Suprapto Prapto says:


Jesús Martinez says:


Cerberus gaming says:

ahhh hi soo quit thanks team

Madison Arellano says:

I subbed comment and hit that notification bell and SMASHED THAT LIKE BUTTON!!!!!!

Madison Arellano says:

How did you even know that the puppy was needed help???

Zoe Hampton says:

She looks like a little white fox to me for some reason. She's so cute!

Akikyu Pichu says:

Why did 103 people dislike this? I don't don't get it.

Gabus says:

there is asome way of make a donation for just 1 time and not subsctibe to the monthly credit card charge? :l

S Voirol says:

This is my favorite channel 😊

Luna Hahnemann says:

INFRASTRUCTURE is EVERYTHING! The right tools, the right know-how, and the right mindset make such a HUGE difference between successful rescues and failed attempts! That is WHY donations are so important! Congrats! And "There She Is… Miss America!" #Lovely 💖

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