BLOOPERS! – Topi the Corgi

It’s time for some bloopers! 😊
#PoorScripting #NotMyFault

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Topi The Corgi says:

While I'm working on my upcoming Halloween video I thought you might enjoy some bloopers! 😊
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Alisa HΓ€mΓ€lΓ€inen says:

i love dogs

Granny LaLa says:

Topi is always cute! Loved when his little yellow hard hat slid over his face!

Dt Master says:

Can I please adopt Topi??

Wolfgamer 174 says:

Hello Topi the corgi!! I've just subacribed to your channel, why? Because you're AWESOME!!! Getting a dog to act all of the show is very hard. I am very VERY impressed that u can actually train a dog to act!! I hope this channel will be better than ever, I'll always support your channel, even if i'm gonna get hurt. Wish you and your corgi, Topi, a happy, and a healthy life!! <3 <3 <3

Topi The WelshCorgi says:

:))) This is POlice right?

Matthias WW says:

0:19 Am I doing good, Hooman?
0:23 I have no idea what I’m doing.
0:44 I’m tired. Lemme sleep.
0:51 Eeeh wut! Who for Corgi’s sake is that?
0:56 Looks tasty. Hooman, can I please, please, pleeeeease eat this?
1:04 Sorry Hooman, looked too tasty. I’m eating it, you okay with that? No? Eating anyway.
1:13 Okay, enough bloopers. Imma be cute now.

lps Potato says:

Voitko tehΓ€ suomenkielisen videon?Topi on tooosi sΓΆpΓΆ

DominiqueJolie Pets says:

Bahahha adorable

Corrina Hernandez says:


Freaky Josie says:

i love topi

Yashashree Thorat says:

Even his bloopers are cute!!!

Sonya Seahaven says:

Miten saat sun koiran oppii??

LPS jÀÀkissa says:

Oletko Amerikkalainen vai Suomalainen

AwesomeCookie 997 says:

You should make a little (huge!) vlog about your vids of giving Topi orders.
btw i love your channel

kapteeni salama says:

voitteko joskus tehΓ€ behid the scenes

JaniManga says:

I just found this channel

For me loving dogs grew more stronger <3

You can't see me says:

I am going to kidnap him
Stop me if you canπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜

GorillaGonZola 0 says:

Is topi a cardigan or a pombroke welsh? Im not that Good with dogs 😁

Jesse GM says:

Topi!!, i from brazil, you are cute, i like you!

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