Julia: a wolf? a coyote? a dog? This rescue is a MUST SEE!

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Special thanks to our friends at ART N’ Paws for finding Julia and amazing home!
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frostythewolfie8 AJ says:

So cute! She didn’t deserve to be abandoned she could have had a nice life with a nice family :c

Makayla Diaz says:

Love to work with you. So what is she?

DJGAMERS28 says:

Is Julia a husky

Aarmau Fantasy says:

How old do I have to be to work here? And is there somewhere like this owned by you where is near Chicago? Because I love animals and I've always wanted to help save animals no matter what condition, I would never give up. And if someone says they think the animal wont survive I'll say "There is always a chance. No matter what never give up. Even if it looks like they will pass away, Don't be negative. Please bring your Negativity away from these animals"

Aarmau Fantasy says:

Saw this wolf/dog idk. Kinda looks like a wolf because Huskies usually have either blue, green, or black eyes. Rarely brown. But I stated crying right away because my heart cant take animal abuse. If I see an abused animal I outta punch the owner so hard they achive their dream of flying, then take the dog to a vet and never leave the doggies side.

Kennedy Wheatley says:

Cool but whay whase she bleeding wen she took a bath???!!!FYI…She is beautiful dog like yo sed Sophie Matheson I love this Chanel and I won't to work with you so mush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wren Ward says:

At 4:21 look at Julia's lounge a chunk is missing

cheyenne krzywkowski says:

She's so cute I cryed

adriana and monse says:

Why wolf in the streets it's a cute husky not a wolf those people were mean calling a husky a wolf I wouldn't care if it was a wolf if I'm saving it

Mikasa the Slayer says:

Ok…. when her tail was wagging, it was because she was unsure about what was going on. Please study dog body language.

Happy tail:tail is in air wagging up

Unsure tail:tail is wagging close to legs and body.

Matthew Becker says:

Keep all the dogs you find

Mystic_Bishes says:

Whoever dose this stuff to animals needs it done to them..

Whistling Wolf says:

i cried god bless you all!

anime 4life says:

This is the job I want!!!!

GQ24771 says:

99 Problems But… https://youtu.be/C52qOtzVV90

Apoc goodman says:

I thought it was a hyena

Dace Datava says:

Good job!!❤

Yetty says:

guys shes beatiful but guys shave her a lil

Avery Helms says:

Awww the dog is scared but it will is so pretty why do peple try to kill dogs?

Dj artcic fox says:

Aw I can't it's beautiful she's has such a great life now I'm crying of joy 😭 Good for you Julia but it's beautiful I can't help!

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