Edna’s registered owner thought she was dead for 2 years!!!

Please donate $5 and help us save more lives:
Thank you Doggies 911 for finding her an amazing home 🙂


Elizabeth Morgan says:

8 years ago There was a starving stray cat on my street and always walked around our house and she always sat on our front stoop every time it got dark and I begged my mom to bring her inside and so we did and my family adopted her and to this day she is still with us and she is so healthy

Iris Soaplidi says:

I cried, this is so sad

Leslie Williams says:

Great job hope for paws

AnaThe Wolf says:

I am always so sad watching these videos god bless you guys but this hurts my heart a lot seeing those animals getting hurt 🙁

Abhijit Mandal says:

the owners probably threw her… so they didn't want her back

CollieHouse says:

I would never leave a dog behind I would leave no living creature behind…

Melanie Dijkland says:

You guys are the BEST!!! I really respect your work😊🐶🐕

Belle Meade says:

I always cry when I watch these types of videos because I feel so sad that dogs and so many other animals have to live like this for they're whole life and I am literally crying right at this moment

Lilypadz//Waterlily says:

WHY DIDNT THE OLD OWNER WANT HER BACK! THAT Makes me so flustered sometimes… That's happened to me before. My brother found an abandoned dog near the gas station. We went to go get her checked up to see if she had a microchip or not. Turns out she did! Her owner lives in riverside and dropped her off at the gas station to abandon the poor thing, my family kept her for nearly a. Month and finally the owner wants her back after abandoning her….it breaks my heart that people don't care for their pets and just abandon them… Good thing Edna got a good home, seeing animals enjoying their life in new homes makes me so happy ☺️ you guys are doing a good deed💓

Kat Sam says:

I like how the almost started to bolt, but then was like, Ya you got me. Got any more cheeseburgers?

A_Rice_Bowl says:

I'm crying out of happiness.

Loopy Lily says:

But how do they not want their dog back agH that makes me angry. But I’m glad she found a home!

Gloria Martinez says:

i want to cry mom! i need a hug

Gloria Martinez says:

i want to cry mom! i need a hug

TromboneIris says:

Thank you so much to the people that saved this sweet dog!

twila502 aj says:

Did it sound to anyone else like someone kept repeating the words music box through out the vid or am I just crazy?

nightmare girl 999 says:

I love dogs but for some reason dogs scare me easily or I am afraid of making them afraid

* The Only One F. Bonnie Girl * says:

She’s so pretty I’d wanna get her but my parents said we need the same breed as my lonley dog he’s a xolo ( x is with an ch )

Claudia Herrera says:

And thats the reason why you don’t go offering FREE pets on Facebbok!!

Edna Gonçalves says:

omg Thats My name

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