Ultimate Funny And Cute Bull Terrier Dogs Videos Best Funny Dog Vines 2017


Davide Ascanio Visconti-Borghese says:

They're so funny and lovely… My Bully and my toddler are perfect together.

claudia binello says:

A me e sempre piaciuta come razza con quel loro aspetto particolare di certo nessun n e una razza che mi fa paura grazziosi e giocherelloni come pochi…… very nace…….

angel lehmann says:

quitale el collar electrico maltratadora!!

Tatiana Mejia says:

I hate when people tease dogs with food. 😤

Necolus Rhodes says:

Are u happy#GayAssMotherFuckerBitchAss

Norrie Orange says:

Off the bed!

logela says:

1:45 SUBNORMAL mareando a sus perros. Estrangúlate los cojones con alambre, payaso.

lavina dowling says:

Lol let me help you make the bed right lol

lavina dowling says:

353 lol Awww I'm in love

Dog tv says:

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S. E says:

Die tollste Hunderasse die es gibt man kann sie nur gerne haben

Dakiaty says:

Bull Terriers are intimidating and cute simultaneously O.o

mark Ricketts says:

I love this video,it shows everyone what a great dog a bullterrier is,I have a 5 year old staff and he's a legend, thanks for your video.

jose lira says:

deseo comprar un pero bull Teri.sialguen tiene q benda contacteme xfa

Almond Butt says:

as I see more and more what either seem like illiterate adults or children comment the they have for bull terriers it has me absolutely worried for the dogs since please to plenty of research on these dogs like the white ones are deaf a lot and commonly have extremely sensitive skin also these are strong and stubborn dogs who commonly have ocd which is also easy to notice by chasing their tail so a lot of the things are not commonly known through these kids they either assumed it's a cute target dog or spuds mackenzie please do research this is not for first time dog owners for you and the dog (a.k.a the longest run on ever r.i.p at this sentence)

imisslola321 says:

he is so cute and rotten spoiled!!! but he worth it!

vito bull victor siles garcia says:

frends 🐩🐕

Jamie Rose says:

I have 2. 1 white 1 brindle. 2 assholes.

Gary Stanullwich says:

THAT's not English !!!

MariasMagicalMischief says:

I really think that this breed are fuzzy little angels!! I just love them. I've had my boy for about 5 years now and he is the best dog I've ever had.

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