Dog enjoys lovely day at the beach

Chiko the Shiba inu is living the good life as he floats around on the water and plays in the sand. He’s so chill!

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DCFunBud says:

The baby's going for it!

Lulu Nanoos says:

So cute and relaxed dog, he is v lucky dog to have owner like his owner to make him happy 👍😊

Chihiro Fujiwara says:

A shiba inu! 😄They're so cute!!! 💖💖💖💖💖

Harriet Martin says:

Lucky doggie!

Doloras Watts says:

That is one happy dog!! 😃👍

Cassandra Muzik says:

Very kiout- What song is featured in this video?

Kenyan Bunnie says:

Too adorbs!

Kelvin Chua says:

Anyone knows the name of the song in this video? I'm looking for this song for ages…Thanks

Glazov Рыбалка says:

БЛЯть он живёт лучше чем 90% страны!!!

Pegasus Osprey says:

Wow so wet wow water wow sand wow so relaxing

Xtreme Pikachu Lover says:

Wow I love Shibas'! ❤️

Random A.I. says:

Cute video 😄😄😄

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