Doberman Dog Gives Baby Hugs and Laughs – Doberman Plays With Baby Compilation 2016 – Dog love Baby

Doberman Dog Gives Baby Hugs and Laughs – Doberman Plays With Baby Compilation 2016 – Dog love Baby
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JohnnyBGood11 says:

My Doberman does not give kisses I taught him not to do that…my neighbor was trying my Doberman to give kisses, I said please don't do that, been teaching him not to do that…that saying, a dogs mouth is clean, is pure bullshit.

JohnnyBGood11 says:

The Doberman with the tail swinging 0:45 by the babies face not smart, that's another reason to have the tail docked.

PaoFootballClub says:

pffff………………stupid video

Federico Di Giacomo says:


Federico Di Giacomo says:

B elllissimo il doberman

Mahdi Smart says:

Doberman is the best dog sooooo smart friendly and have great energy

Hey All says:

@5:01 best captured

Declan Kelly says:

I have a dobermann, and he’s scratched and bit me more times than I can count.
These dogs play hard. No way I’d let them play with a toddler unattended, no matter how much they love them.

Caz Gerald says:

About 9 minutes in, I don't see the gentle babysitter associated with some other breeds.

WahranRai says:

Dobberman killed many babies, dont trust too much dogs !!!

Juan Jose Papaleo says:

estos animales son muy especiales para el cuidado de niños.solo hay que supervisar.

Silver says:

this is so precious

Terry H. says:

@ 1:10 dog is tickling the baby…really sweet

Regina Graham says:

the best baby sitter

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