Disney•Pixar’s Dug the Talking Dog In Real Life | Oh My Disney IRL

In this hidden camera stunt, your favorite talking dog from Disney•Pixar’s “UP” surprises unsuspecting people in the park. Get ready to laugh as Dug comes to life … for real!

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Erin Lee says:

Cone of shame! Even my dog’s vet uses that term. Thanks Dug!

TheCutieDonut Channel says:

"I do not like the cone of shame." TOO FUNNY!!

account five says:

This is dog abuse

Àshlèÿ Siana says:

Omg love this my fav

Cody The Cat 65 says:

Where can I get the collar

Fazntic 05 says:


Dima The Singer says:


BioTeck says:

Whoever did this needs a promotion

charlie182x says:

one of the cutest thing that i ever seen.

Gianna Patrignani says:

Hi I love dug

out of names ! says:

Thats so cute

Fudgey the wolf says:

I wish to meet him…

Rumer Zahradnik says:

Cutest video ever you have thrown ball don't worry I'll go get it

Laurel J. says:

Such a cute video!!

Lauren Shepherd says:

Haha nice!!!

ツGøldë says:

Im offically in love with this video

Lógica Felina says:

"Oh no you are wearing the cone of shame! I don't like the cone of shame." best part

My hearteu is omg says:

Aww that pupper so kyot

Gold Stefani says:

i wish i had a dog like that

Moonie Winchester says:

i need that collar!! for my doogies!!! D: omg omg omg

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