Baby Sprays Dogs With Hose and Can’t Stop Laughing

It’s the simple things!
This baby knows how to have a good time. I want to have that good of a time… RIGHT NOW!
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iazol says:

the dogs are not sad THEY ARE EXTREMLY HAPPY

renegado100 says:

Alert : Potential shooter !!

Segorisk Johnny says:

the dogs are so gentle and clever, they know he's a tot and love the hose clearly lol very cute

Md Shaon says:

so cute.nice

Riley Palmer says:

The baby laughing was so cute and adorable.

Random Chic On The Web says:

The baby's like 030

Random Chic On The Web says:

The haters gonna hate hate hate and the likers gonna shake shake shake

Liana Burfoot says:

OMG he laughs like me 😁

Felicia Ford says:

that laugh made me pee my pants cause it is so cute I laughed

Lady Ammo says:

Those dogs need to go on a diet lol.

jobimsgirl says:

Infectious baby laugh 🙂 Let the baby stand on the grass when spraying the dogs. This way if the dog knocks him over he'll fall on a soft surface and not the hard one! Thanks.

Lucas Belot says:

How many babies has that dog eaten?

ghostfoto says:

thats why life if great

Keketso Khunou says:


Nao The Pug says:

So cute. ❤

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