Best Of Dogs Meeting Kittens For The First Time Compilation 2015

Here are some dogs meting kittens for the first time. Dog meets kitten for the first time is one of the funniest and cutest videos to watch.

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rahma_citra 1810 says:

Dog:wanna play
Cat:*getting Scared*

An Empathic Heart- Wounded Soul says:

Look, unparalleled cuteness.

Andrew Wallford says:

Pretty divide this video it is! ^_^

Dakareon Wright says:

2:04 kitten getting raped by two dogs

Secret Society says:

Only mine hates cats??

Florina Cristiana says:

Oh so cute :*

aemidaniels says:

i love these little fluffballs trying to be intimidating. Like dude that dog can probably snort you if he sniffs too hard and youre trying to look like a big bad predator? Thats fucking adorable!

WaterTypeWolf says:

aww the cat is so scared! what a pussy cat lol so cut =3

The Panda From Uganda says:

I thought the dog was eating the kitten.

max power says:

I came from watching 2K videos to here

mel mel says:

My dogs would have killed these kittens in seconds…they hate nothing more than cats, sadly…

edward Matthews says:

ahh the soul knows any baby is precious.

bubgum00 says:

Wait until the cat takes over their bed.

Adrianna Spencer says:

The white doggie is so excited! Lol

Jessie Davies says:

haha poor kitties lol poor doggies

Jet Lag says:

I love how almost all of the dogs just immediatly wanted to play with their new friends

M Brower says:

That's not the way you introduce animals.

Álvaro Potter says:

1:33 Oh my god that Rott is gorgeous.

Lee Wright says:

People who tie a dog up on a rope all day don't deserve to have one. End of story.

Leon - Follower of Valbar says:


“Where’s the mother of this kitten?”

“Damn cats being lazy…”

“Screw it!”

Begins to clean the kitten

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