The World’s Smartest Dog – “Top Dog” [1080p] [HD]

The story of “Chaser”, considered to be the world’s smartest dog. Chaser has a vocabulary of over 1000 words!!

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Hereward Wakes says:

It's ok to be border collie.

Jesus wept. says:

She's a little disobedient. Watch her at 1:43 and 2:57. She didn't give the toy back properly by either dropping it short of the bucket or not delivering it to the person who requested it. I'd be disciplining her for that.

5thgearpined says:

owner is 87?  I am very sure that his activity with his dog has been very good for his health

Halcyon says:

When I point my cat looks at where I am pointing TO, not at my hand. So there.

ks m says:

what's the breed of chaser?

Andre00x says:

Then you have fucking China celebrating the killing of dogs and eating them….

Himself Lee says:

Does crossbreeding make a smarter dog?

Diana Connors says:

Lovely 💕

Rad Dog says:

The only word I need my dog to know to bring me stuff is “beer”

Tao Yanbao says:

Interesting. However, in other descriptions of the differences between wolves (which don't do as humans suggest, despite being born in captivity) and dogs, it has been described as a sign of LOWER intelligence to go where the humans point instead of where the food is (which wolves do). It's a tempting mistake to confuse "human-like" with "intelligent" – not necessarily the case. It's sort of like saying that the kid in class who best can manipulate the teacher to explain what isn't understood is the smartest kid.

ladymirth says:

Haha I knew they were manipulative little shits! I love them. 😍😍😍😍😍

George Chollakoff says:

Understand meaning of words? Well, they are trying to justify the grants they spent. Getting the empty cup after many repetitions isn't referential thinking, it is a conditional reflex. Meaning is understanding a relationship by the help of other meanings without repetitions.

SAN KING says:

If saw this at school

Karen Walker says:

They don't stand much chance in S. Korea !

Rachel S says:

Its kinda creepy… Like none of these people ever owned a dog cause they DEFINITELY show emotions !

furiouspc24 says:

Sharmaji ka kutta

locket says:

Dogs are God's gift to us humans!!!

kittynibblets says:

Love those border collies <3 She could teach ours a thing or thousand!

Gruntfuttock says:

How many "H's" in ASSUME?

patrick99e99 says:

omg what is up with the frame rate?!?!?!

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