Smart Dog Turns On Sink All By Himself | The Dodo

Dog Can Turn On Sink All By Himself | SMART INDEPENDENT DOGGO 👏👏👏

Special thanks to Tina Lavelle for this adorable video!
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The Dodo says:

Can someone please caption what this dog is thinking when he sees himself in the mirror?! XD

Judy Downey says:

But…can he turn it off???

Fern Lin-Healy says:

Is there a longer version of the video? I want to know if the dog turned off the faucet too.

Fern Lin-Healy says:

Left handed dog? I wonder if the percent of left handers among dogs is the same as humans (10%). My dog was right handed.

Kim Wright says:

he is thinking damn I'm thirsty been waiting all day for that . Okay maybe I will have a little more lol

Mr. Grumpy's Biggles says:

He is thinking just what I think when I see myself in the mirror, "damn I'm fly!"

Olivia Kitty says:

If he turns it off, I will be really impressed

Milly KawaiiKitty says:

0:01 -NOW LENNARD, GET HOLD OF YOURSELF, just take a zip and Do this for her.

Joshua Garcia says:

9 sec dog 12 sec subscribe picture

goalie2998 says:

thats nothing he also brushes his teeth, and uses a water pick to get up into the hard to get spots!

Elizabeth Czepiel says:

Don't suppose he turns the faucet off when he's done? 🙂

suraj kumar says:

did he close the tap after drinking?

Alba otalvRo says:

Jajajajajaja lindura ❤️

Tackleberry says:

does the dog turn it off lol

root8ble says:

but does he turn it off?

Butters The Bean says:

I hope he turns it off, or their water bill would be off the charts lol.

Lulu Nanoos says:

Love ur dog so sweet and smart god bless him ❤️😘🐕🙏🙏🙏🙏

Fruitarian says:

i bet it doesnt kno how to turn it off

Adrian Kreuz says:

I've always wondered if dogs recognize their own reflex. My dog look scared if I take her to the bathroom mirror. I don't know if she is afraid of taking a bath, or what…

Melanie Kotze says:

Who is this smart guy

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