Puppies Barking – A Cute Dogs Barking Videos Compilation [CUTE]

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Genesis Faison says:

I live any animal,but dogs are best TO ME

Mariska K says:

#1 was like Im stuck with this idiot and #2 was put down due to another moron owning a pit after that waste of time I quite watching, save yourself the 3:00 mins

Ruby vs Eva show Osifo says:


Ruby vs Eva show Osifo says:

The puppy is so cute

Majal Villanueva says:

so much cute

Utopian Apple 68 says:

Awe this video is so cute

Pyromaniac Young Lion says:

Hopefully no one sees what im watching!:○

AnimalS LovE says:

AnimalS LovE
My dog looked at me for 15 sec then went back to licking his balls

AnimalS LovE says:

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dog hates Andy Murray

JimmyGunXD556 says:

Shut your fucking dogs up!!!

Kamilla Iqbal says:

I love dogs….have a beautiful Boston, Chihuahua, and a third that I don't know the breed

theresa nour says:

SO cyoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀

Jessie MSP says:


Bobby ButterHead says:

I played this to dogs and they thought more dogs were in the house lol

Brandi Wright says:

I watched this to get my dog's atention and of worked a little XD

GameBoy 5000 says:


Diệu Phương Nguyễn says:

Em dogs nào cũng dễ thương quá. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Mariya Jacoway says:

Ahhhh I hate pups it give me the weakness ahhhh it make me brain hurt

Me me big boy says:

im having a RUFF time watching this video 😉

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