Dog attacks garden hose

A dog attacks the water coming out of a hose!
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ShadeOfEclipse says:

I've heard they tend to attack things in that shape that are part of the human body too….

Ryu Ryoshi says:

That freaking dog has eyebrows!!

ahmedravat1 says:

Zsznnn. Cabs mnhc b fv n b n Hom b ,

Teresa S says:

Of course it's a Jack Russell! Mine would actually attack the hose, grabbing it & shaking it.

AlbertoTerrazzini says:

jack rusells for the win

markedita2011 says:

Awww…so cute

uciex says:

This is quite normal behaviour with dogs. My dog did the same 🙂

IGWTjtshorty says:


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