Dog Surprised by Dancing Pokemon: Cute Dog Maymo

Dog Surprised by Dancing Pokemon: Cute Dog Maymo
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Music: “Sabana Havana” by Jimmy Fontanez/Media Rights Productions
Watch cute dog Maymo get surprised by a giant Pokemon. A dancing Pikachu waltzes into the living room while the funny beagle is lounging on the couch. Watch as the costumed Pokemon throws balls at the funny dog, who is at first apprehensive but then excited to play with the ridiculously tall Pokemon.


rahadian sa says:

When pikachu drink too much water

Ardit Kurtalani says:


Азамат Аскин says:

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Khar yani says:

you bict fuck you bict

Natália Santos says:

Que fofura!!!

Vanessa Melo says:

Maymo Y Love You ❤🐶

Gamer girl had Girly says:

Maymo I love your dogs and it's so funny

Deonnah Bailey says:

How do you know anything poop

วสันต์ พูลเพรียบพร้อม says:



Katarina Alves says:

Hahaha youre so good to that dog!!

Souparno Dhar says:

Pikachu – "Maymo I choose you!"

wills20111 says:

That is definitely one of your scariest costumes

Colin Pogi says:

Im scared at the pikachu

B C says:

maymo is a very cute dog

Mr. Otter Gaming says:

Hey do u like stop motion

Mr. Otter Gaming says:

Lol u guys rock

Mr. Otter Gaming says:

Ok I luv mayo a lot but why are there pictures of meat on the wall

Alies Van Kamp says:

6tin dubio Li rubriceren ytu ttu Figo 66885

علي المهندس says:


Klênio Fabricio says:

i love dogs

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