AMAZING ! Talent Dog ears dance to music | FUNNY pets compilation

AMAZING ! Talent Dog ears dance to music | FUNNY pets compilation
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Smorzen _ says:

If dogs had

αdєn vαldєz says:

If dogs be on musically

Melissa Tavares says:

6th the best

xdfennebx says:

OMG how can i teach my dog that??

Emilija Pipiraite says:

That's sooooooooooooooooo cute

Mista. Mooskits says:

Dogs can dance better than all of us, don't deny it

Lovelps21 Penunuri says:

Some are fake you can tell someone is hiding behind them and moving the ears

Wolfy says:

Most of them are probably fake.

nicole fatylak says:

Lol 0:07 When Your on England Got Talent And Don't Know What To Do, just Ear Dance!!

Victor Hudson says:

Ohhh Dog is a brilliant animal to surprise!

Sarah Clark says:

No way 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Zachary Forster says:


Doge Time! says:

Doge confused

Much happing

Such dancing


Jack William says:

That's cool!!!

Lily Campo says:

The only video that matters

Rose White says:

OMG! How do the dogs dance by ear? Too great!!!

Bela Lara says:

Wow….. some people can do this but not me.

Jik Jik says:

Thats sooo cute

kayla julia says:

Wow I watched some cats in Anime. but in real life, dogs are super

Kristina Pine says:

OMG! How can dogs do this?

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