Smart dog trades with puppy for favorite toy

Our puppy made a terrible mistake, she took Charlie’s favorite toy without asking. Fortunately our beagle Charlie did not make a fuss and he found another toy for exchange.
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Pamela LaBarbiera says:

Charlie's intelligence never ceases to amaze me. And I hope Lilly is recovering well!

발로챨리 Charlie says:

My name is Charlie too but i am not clever like him. Anyway, I love Charlie♡

Yepp Bitter says:

😀 Nice one.

unitedman says:

Dogs are so intelligent and beautiful.

Dragon1 Animals says:

Nice 😂👍

Connie McFeely says:

so very cute 😘😘😘

Indu r says:

Intelligent diplomatic dog

adoptacat 28 says:

Wow he is so smart

Pam Duncan says:

Charlie is simply has a brilliant mind. While I know beagles are smart he has, by far, a much higher IQ then most. I hope Lilly is recovering well, I am sure that she is being nursed very well by Laura Olivia and Charlie and lacking for nothing. Let her get the rest she needs before being back on camera 🙂

km cooper says:

Loved seeing a earlier video😍 Charlie, you are most definitely a genius ❣️

ThePAUL799 says:

how old is lilly?

Laksita Wijayanti says:

Big Brother♡♡♡

Sanjay Is-This-A-Channel? Sinha says:

Too pure for this world 🐕

philip russell says:

Exchange is no robbery !! Hope Lilly's recovery is going well.

ElPolloDiablo100 says:

He's so smart.

Louie The Beagle says:

Charlie is such a friendly , sweet and handsome beagle! 😃😃

April Taylor says:

Charlie is a smart boy!

Sm 2s says:

Aww, we understand, Dad. Charlie is so cute, trading toys. He knows the barter system well.

Zuzana Vrágová says:

We greet the whole family 😘 And we wish Lilly early healing 😃
What is sick with?

Hà Nguyễn says:

Charlie doesn't like chicken any more, 🙂 🙂 Charlie and Lilly are adorable

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