FUNNY Dog Want to Hug to the Owner | Top Dog Videos

FUNNY Dog Want to Hug to the Owner | Top Dog Videos
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Simone Atkinson says:

Love the chocolate labs enthusiasm

Simone Atkinson says:

No no no three canned laughter is terrible. Please drop it. Plus the music sounds like it's from 70's porn

Anu Ashu says:

hey nice yaar I love this video

HaraV yaa says:

I don't think he is hugging her
He loves those Boobs😂

AlexTheGamer 10 says:

The fourth one is luckiest one i wish i was the dog

Max Rogers says:

I 💘 all animals, dogs and cats i love kissing and hugging all day. The dog i had her name.was.sophia, she likes laying her head on a pillow.

Supriya Chakraborty says:

Aawww so sweet😍😍😍😍

Colin Underwood says:

Dogs are so the BEST!

Вики Love Lions says:

My dog make that too!

lakshmi dhinesh says:

😚😚😚😚😚😚 so cute

Dayleon Avalar says:

I need to make a playlist of shit to watch when I'm sad. Cuz this would be right up there

Heikkih Huovinen says:


TigerWolfEevee Girl Plays says:

0:38 Is the lap of heaven?

dead meme says:

Fuk this music

Vanessa Channel says:

Pug is so cuteeeeeeeee aghh

Unicorn Girl says:

When I seat my dog coming to me she hug me

Wilde Nature says:

Dog's are cute

sarina dan rian Ponsel says:


Lourdes Lozada says:

Adorable fur babies❤

Kamila M. says:

I love dogs😍😍😍😘😘😘

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