Dog tricks by German shepherd Ben – 4 years

Ben the German shepherd – 4 years.
50 dog tricks in video!
Thanks for watching 🙂


Music: Kygo feat James Parson – Stole the show

I own only the video with the dog.
I do not own the music.
It’s just a video of our tricks 🙂


MusicJunky says:

Love your video! <3 I would love for you to check out mine, to "Can't Stop The Feeling!" <3 😀

KrisLana Phillips says:

He is amazing and beautiful

MusicJunky says:

Awesome work! I'm trying to teach my dog the trick where he remains still as I lift him, but he seems very uncomfortable with it. We have a good bond and he's very comfortable with me touching him and even picking him up, but he's having a hard time with this one. Any tips?

Tinkara Turecki says:

liked and subscribed ^^

Tinkara Turecki says:

omg awesome <3

DalaGermanShepherd dog says:

Jsi jeden z nejlepších psích YT které znám!!! A mohu se zeptat jak to, že tak rád trénuje? Můj ovčák trénuje jen z donucení. A jak jsi ho naučila tak dobře skákat? Jste skvělý!! Díky.😀

Lam Stew says:

What's the song

Mutts Family says:

WOW 💖 super video , jste moc sikovni a jste oba mým vzorem 😍😍

The Supreme collies says:

nádherný <3

Sandika ander21 says:

u welcome, ,when u come to indonesia, at Banda Aceh city exactly, hehehe….

Sandika ander21 says:

sis .. where u from..nice teacher for GSD 🙂
by GSD lover , from indonesia

Katka Zachová says:

šikula to je , i panička !! 🙂

DeviateTrain says:

train my 9 week old german shepard

Maya MiniBC says:

Woahh this video and dog amazing I subscribe😊

Hatchi - the amazing Bulldog says:

Beautiful video ! Ben is awesome ! ♥

German Shepherd Wolf Lover 101 says:

my dog nos the tricks

Lola & Falco says:

Good Job ! 🙂 Beautiful ♥ So perfect ♥

LP-GSP-MV says:

I'm absolutely in love .

Alex Vav says:

Jste doopravdy moc dobří!

Edgar My dog says:

Superbe! 🙂

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