Cute Dogs and Cats Meeting For The First Time Compilation 2015 [NEW EDITION HD]

When cats and dogs meeting for the first time, it’s always important moment in their life. The owner should try to be this meeting soft and light. This meeting sometimes is also very funny.


Mike Betts says:

All dogs go to heaven. Cats can go to hell.

Antwan Alexander says:

I love animals

Ron Daniels says:

Introduction of adult dogs to kittens is far more intense than adult cats to puppies. The difference in size sometimes can be very scary.

castaway says:

"Make sure he doesn't pee on the carpet"; How? Why does she say this! I HATE women.

Stacey Ross says:

they are tiny

Stacey Ross says:

it is so cute how they are plaing


I introduced a kitten to my dog, he ate him.

Creepy Closet says:

I like when cats do that scared backing up motion

Wasin Koysiripong says:

The cute dog and cat :-D:-P

eliana moreno zabala says:

No, hermoso video co. Esos galanes y esas princesas tanto gatitas/tos y letritas y perritos son preciosos.


Cat in a fridge??! My mistake for thinking this was an animal loving vid

Mr. Harman says:

the cat at 4.02min. Is her Name Adolf?

【Komaii】 says:

4:11 that cat straight up looks like hitler

Berleezy's Setup says:

0:19 " pits are evil and are. murders "

It just took in a cat as its baby

Panda Bear says:

2 mins later

La Leaf says:

"Hello friend….hello, you are a Pomeranian I believe?" "Yes, I am, and you are a CAT."

Kittyboygamer YouTube says:

I like the baby Siberian husky and the white cat when they meet

little N says:

Dog: HI!
Cat: fuck off

sissy lou says:

I hope those kittens are still alive.

King Warrior says:

2:12 Alert…six weeks old rapist..

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