Cat attacks Dog for no reason compilation 2016 – Crazy Cats

Angry cat attacks dog for no reason. New very funny video compilation 2016 with agressive cat behavior. Crazy cats 🙂 Enyoe

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Hamza Khaliq says:

Dogs always start fights, it's just that some cats are brave enough to defend themselves.

keilan 411 says:

if a cat attacked my dog ill kill it in front of its owner
and laugh

TheWisdomOfSilenus says:

Dogs climb on owners like Scooby-Doo.

Sudipta Rajkumari says:

WOW one cat vs Five dogs this shows that cats are very brave…

Sudipta Rajkumari says:

DON'T mess with a cat…Cats are like Ninjas…Cats are very brave s more powerful in comparison to their Size…i love cats very much 😍😍😍😍

Near Harvy says:

I think We got the winner 1:17
a dog can't do, a cat can do!

Gswag -123 says:

0:40 that dog is a pussy

grim rocket says:

Accualy some of the dogs had a reason because those cats were attacking them

Hand Banana says:

Not my proudest fap….


This should be a try not to get satisfied because it’s some AWSOME

Akhilesh says:

useless 🐕

Dorothy Currie says:

Poorbdogs cats are cunts

DenisGamerPRO 2 says:

Fuck you cats i LOVE dogs motherfucker cats

Die Tiere von heute says:

In the First Video i would Let the dog kill that cat …😐

Lex Luthor says:

All this video tells me women who walk their dogs are fucking useless against a stray cat -_-

María says:

I love cats, but I felt so bad for the doggos :'[ They looked so scared ;_;

Megumin _ says:

The dogs provoked some of the cats, those cats were defending themselves

Wellington Bajana says:

2:12 that cat is a goone!

dragosteneconditionata says:

stupid dogs..

Stomowen says:

I prefer when I see dog s attack cats.

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