U.S. Soldier, Home Sweet Home, Sweet Surprise


David Goldman says:

this poor veteran returned to two OF THE MOST HATEFUL PIECES OF SHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!

David Goldman says:

wow I could not think of any dog, or almost any animal,  that I would want less than two retarded worthless piece of shit beagles. beagles are fucking annoying as hell

Jeannie Dent says:

Wow! That's better than the reunion with the lion video!

Juanita Reale says:

I love those dogs

Juanita Reale says:

That is cute

Juanita Reale says:

That is just funny!!!!!

Francis Welch says:


Kayla Donahue says:

Aww I'm crying! This is how my beagle acts when we come home from the grocery store! They are the best! A true mans best friend!

Gail Leopold says:

Man's best friend ….such unconditional love and joy! What an amazing welcome home to their daddy. And thank you for serving sir!!!!

Francis Welch says:

I went out of town for a couple of months and when i got back home, my Beagle just growled, hair raised up on back and ears down in attack mode. she finally recognized me and couldnt get enough love from me.

Francis Welch says:

Where is the LOVE THIS button ?

konfan06 says:

Oh my pure puppy luv

Hope S. Polk says:

I love my beagle!! He is like this when I am gone for even just an hour!

Mateusz Dziuba says:

Cant say a word so fucking aderible 😉

wasfandom says:

this is so fuc***** adorable.

Stareyedexplorer says:

This is what my beagle does. If my family leaves, he greets us.


As is probably apparent, I'm a beagle lover. Our little Daisie let us know our time was up after 16-years and 3-months a little over a year ago. Thanks for posting this.

Urban Belca says:

the only thing better than a beagle are two beagles 😉

jesperbjornqvist says:

unconditial love

Busvissel Bus says:

This actually makes me cry so bad… :'( this is amazing!

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