Funny Jack Russell Terrier Dog Videos Compilation

Funny Jack Russell Terrier Dog Videos Compilation
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Sofiya Malkinova says:

My boyfriend have two Jack Russell terriers and they are twins. Very cute dogs

Steve Davis says:

I'm interested in getting a Jack Russell early, in 2018 for my place to be my guide, in town and thanks Steve, let me know, if the, trust, any to offer for January and February, Steve, Davies, on 0874592316

Nick K says:

If you don't love Jack Russell dogs then you have no soul. Just saying

OHLeeRedux says:

Fuckin' with dogs. Oh yeah.

Blake Clough says:

Cute… but ENOUGH WITH THE VERTICAL VIDEOS! Just say no to vertical videos.

MalkieVineKing says:


Deborah Riley says:

Jack Russells–100 pounds of dog in a 15 pound fursuit. 😉


david lefort says:

Let me sleep dog

david lefort says:

Is it gana snap or what. What you think body

adele1107 says:


Krish Singh says:

It happened with me also my bolt died

Krish Singh says:

But you don't cry for his death

Krish Singh says:

Nice videos he was really cut

Connie McFeely says:

Jacks are some of the funniest 😂

James Ijer says:

Man they jump very high


Love Jack's

Charlotte Joseph says:

Rip oh no I love u little pupper

it's sophia says:

My friend has a jack russel….like the one on the thumbnail…and she always chokes it by the neck..😭

Jim Behr says:


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