6 Huskies Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Like huskies? Then you’ll LOVE this hilarious compilation. You won’t want to miss this! Watch them all and let us know which one is your favorite.

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Nathaniel Cason says:

So why are you watchin this video

Wile E Coyote says:

The last one is the best lol he got water up his butt!! Lmao

Anjali B K says:

the third one superb

Meg Griffin says:


Bosco_FL Unkown on top says:

The music was to loud

Ria Patil says:

The last one was the one that broke me

Muskan Shaikh says:

Really man.. Husky is adorable

Alejandra Osorio says:

The first one is the same thing my dog does

Major Degtyarev says:

cause of my husky im using auto car

Tilotia Fun says:

hi every one ! my german shepherd is 2 month old what is best food for ……………..and what is best tem. for puppy please suggestion me ?

Abby Morris says:

Love your huskies I have a golden retriever/Siberian husky mix she's great please watch her and subscribe

shashwat panda says:

Last one was great

Maddie Helbling says:

No won loves huskys better than me

Maddie Helbling says:


Maddie Helbling says:

I love huskys i have one

killer Beast says:

where the water goes

Nafisa Zaara says:

Didn't smile the whole video except the last one lol

Amanda Garza says:

The last one got me 😂

howard53545 says:

Mine tore his cruciate ligament ACL expensive surgery but he still talks

abdullah hamadeh says:

i have a husky with coloured eyes .. he likes to play alot but shits alot in the stairs … plz help

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