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Just tomorrow I changed the name of my channel, now it’s called “Doxie Din – not just a dachshund”. I think the new name characterizes me very well! After all, the usual Wiener Dog can not shoot such cool and funny dog videos!
So I’m happy to introduce my channel trailer! It included my greatest characters! It’s my life!

I hope you enhoy my funny animal videos! Thank you!
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Funny life of the dachshund says:

Дииннн лапочка 😍😘 классный канал! 😍

Bonntvory TM says:

Дин и мой такс лучшие!!!

Bonntvory TM says:

Вот когда я ездил к моим родственникам то я помню случай когда у них такса на моих глазах стащил вкусняшку)))

Claire Pierson says:

i love doxie

brianita martinez says:

Love love 😘😘😘😘😙😍😄

Kristen Garren says:

I love you Dixie Din…cutest dachshund in the world!!

Cheryl Bailey says:

Oh, Doxie Din…… make me smile every time I see you!!!!

BEAVIS says:

He is a very handsome young weener dog. ☺

Silly Lilly says:

This is the best thing I have ever seen 😀

Mirys says:


sithlord1626 says:

very nice compilation my wiener "and Metal" friend, always love ur vids….ur the best Doxie Din and i love ur new tag line, your not just a dachshund….ur awesome 🙂

Ang Sweetnesd says:

Such a clever handsome boy. xxxx

Pat66 Herbert66 says:

I LOVE the flaming eyes!!! Great video!!!!

Emelia Beckley says:

Great collection highlighting your many characters, Din. Such talent!

Maja D. says:

Dear Doxie Dix, you are PERFECT and so cute Winie ! Thaks also to yourMummy and Daddy for such many work and great ideas. Greetings from Berlin

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