This is a video tutorial on how to teach your dog to blow bubbles with their nose, under water. The method used in this video is called “shaping”, shaping is a easy way to break complicated behaviours into small steps without any prompting (verbally or physically). There are many other ways you could teach this but I thought I would show a version that would work for ANY dog.

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skiaco says:

My dog, Lucky, had a water bowl (when she was a puppy) and she was hassling so I told her to get some water and she didn't seem to understand so I stuck my hand in the water and started tapping and she put her nose in the water and started blowing bubbles and she would come back up and look at me and tilt her head as if she was confused lmao I thought it was so cute.

Ashley says:

My dog does this naturally. I'll throw frozen peas (loves them), or other treat, in the water bowl or kiddie pool, and she absolutely loves the challenge of getting them! She's a border collie as well.

Snap Chat girlfriends says:

I have tried to train my dog this trick. She gets to the point where she puts her nose in the bow but instead, she licks the water instead of just touch water with her nose. What am I doing wrong?

Lucky Studio's says:

What dog race is that? cause she/he (I dont know how to see im stupid) is soooo cute i want one of that race.

Ivy Trellis says:

My dog would do this when she was a puppy just for fun. She'd stick her nose under and just keep blowing bubbles, it was hilarious. XD

adelle0906 says:

How long did it take ?

jennifer murphy says:

What treats do u use

Jazzy Kelly says:

He does it in the pool

Jazzy Kelly says:

My dog Ozzie already does this is SO cute

Eili Eden says:


Kristin Crestejo, CDBC says:

lol. Try clicking BEFORE the tongue can come out. If the tongue comes out, you needed to click before. Luna did the same thing, it took some more shaping on that behaviour before she clued in she touches, not drink.

Kristin Crestejo, CDBC says:

Try smaller steps between the clicks. Try to click BEFORE he sticks out his tongue to lap the water. If teh tongue comes out, you were too late. Pawing at the bowl seems that maybe he's frustrated (trying another behaviour to get the reward).

Mark closer together for tiny behaviours towards your goal. You could even try a touch/target stick and putting it in the water while giving the cue "touch".

Nucky Goshorn says:

I want to teach this to my doggy once I get home from college!!!

Željka Rakonić Goldin says:

I tried this today! My Jessie put her nose immediately in the bowl, but when I added water, she started to drink it 😀 Somethimes she touches the water, but she never puts her nose under the water…

Željka Rakonić Goldin says:

Sooo cute! 🙂 I am going to try this very soon 🙂

Sara Yi says:

I think my dogs nose is too short haha

Yunalilly says:

Love it! Thank you very much I was waiting for a video on this!

Desidog02 says:

Desi hates water but I'm going to try this again 🙂

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