Dog balancing treats. The stacking of 36 treats, Jenga dog


David González says:

This is amazing dude congratulations

Lilian Ugwuoke says:

That is pretty cool

SexySheerah says:

I'm 5 years late but I still have to comment. Awesome!!!

Fredex says:

So the human race has gone from using dogs to help hunt for food to just balancing food on their faces for fun. Yeah I think we're basically done as a species…

Paietyn B. says:

have they broken a record yet?!

175hnb175 says:

"I have not idea what I'm doing".

Kevin S says:

This video should be tagged "Worlds Ultimate Looser Pet Owner, man teases dog to limit". Obviously not first take. How would you like it if I piled food on your face when you're hungry, time after time after time

mtmstang23 says:

And I thought my dog balancing One dog treat on his nose was awesome but!! Damn!! That dogs got way more skills then my dog lol

Chas8019 American Made says:

Love the attention he put into his dog. Great owner, awesome dog!

Julia Andrea Duque Cervantes says:

Que bello lo intentare con el mio.

The Project says:

+Aly Denis I understand your point, but when training my labradors in the past with being patient for treats, it's all about saying the command "wait" every now & then (firmly), and the rest of it is carried out in silence and keeping eye contact with the dog. They learn that the silence is when they should be waiting.

If you were to praise the dog half-way through this kind of trick it wouldn't work, it would just disrupt his concentration. You can see in this video that the dog knows it's being re-assured by the owner, with slight touches to his cheek.. which also keeps his balance in check. Plus the dog had a great reward at the end of it all. 🙂 

Ruby Hearted says:

I had to watch at double-speed because it was taking so long, but it was worth seeing the pay off. Great dog!

Luna-Tic says:

The only thing that would've made it better, in MY opinion, would've been more praise for the dog. The guy who was placing the bones never praised him- that I heard…. only the lady who was filming, and only at the end…. I would've loved to have heard the boy praising his dog as he went! That's a VERY tough thing for a dog … especially a food driven breed like this one… He did AMAZING!!!! Thank you for sharing this!

cmartichick M says:

I love dogs.

Pookie the Aardvark says:

that dog is patient

Jonas Malabrigo says:

hot owner lol

Trac McNguyen says:

If only I had that level of discipline! 

NeonDragonflies says:

aside from the fact that this is totally awesome, does anyone else notice how strange this is.. you know, the whole stacking food on a dog's face thing? either way props to the dog for it's amazing patience.

Best Of Banks says:

Cool and it can balance 36 doggy treats!!!!!!!!!!!!

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