DOWNLOAD our new match 3 game SIMON’S CAT – CRUNCH TIME here: Or Apple: Android: Amazon: Simon’s Cat in Waiting Game A curious cat perseveres through the elements. Patience has never [More]
The claws come out in a case of sibling rivalry. It started out with a hiss how did it end up like this? The mischievous kitten interrupts Simon’s Cat during his ‘me time’ manicure proving [More]
Naked Bird Who Lost Her Feathers Is So Loved Now | This bird lost all her feathers when she got sick — but she has the BEST mom now and can’t stop singing. Watch another [More]
BRAND NEW BLACK AND WHITE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! A curious cat uncovers a coven of creepy crawlies. Simon’s Cat FINALLY gets into the attic and gives Simon a spooky surprise! Make sure to stay tuned at [More]
Dogs protect babies in danger because they have an instinctual desire to protect the pack, which is the family taking care of them. Just like you can tell the difference between baby dogs and adult [More]
Cute Dogs Compilation. Best Funny Dog Videos for Kids. Funny Pet Videos presents a brand new weekly compilation featuring the funniest dogs. 😍 Don’t forget to subscribe my channel to watch more 😍 cute videos [More]
DOGS MEETING OWNERS after LONG TIME 💕 TOUCHING VIDEO. Subscribe: | Facebook: Submit your video: Business inquiries/contact: See Also: CATS vs BALLOONS 😂 (HD) [Funny Pets]: CATS AND WATER: LOVE [More]
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Albert the Dog Scientist studies mechanics in his latest experiment.
Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds In The World | Top 10 Best Smart Dogs | Top 10 Pets Thank you for watching… if you have any top 10 suggestions pls comment down below and we [More]
Lady loves dog tricks. She plays dead, rolls over, turns the lights off, shakes, sits, lays down, gets her tail and her own treats!! I can teach her anything!! Make sure you check out my [More]
Dogs driving a car, opening doors, and walking like a baby and doing scooter tricks, these are just a few of the smart dogs in this smarty dogs video compilation.
Dakoda does a trick called stick’em up. Then lays down as if she was shot!
Vine video: Don’t have Vine? Find me on Twitter: or Facebook Dachshund’s morning wake-up routine.
The strange strange wandering of the cute dogs and the funny scenes.   WE WANT TO KNOW. Do not forget to subscribe ——————————————————————————————————— Funny videos list : ———————————————————————————————————- 2017 Facebook: twitter : [More]
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Funny Animals Best Video Compilation 2017 You Will Die Laughing SUBSCRIBE! CATS BEING JERKS BEST VIDEO COMPILATION 2017 CATS BEING JERKS BEST VIDEO COMPILATION 2017 #EP2 #cat #dog #fail #funny #laugh #compilation [More]
First we must apologize to the folks that used the first 12 hr relaxation video. There were music sensitivity problems and we removed it and replaced it, but we believe we have something better for [More]
DOG DESENSITISATION MUSIC! relaxing music to help train your dog, help your puppy, help with dog behaviour, anxiety, stress. This music is your best dog training tip. Animal desensitising sounds with our dog therapy music. [More]
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Videos for Dogs to Watch : Birds and Squirrels – 8 Hour video and sounds for dogs Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall
Funny Dogs – Dog Videos Compilation 2017
When asked who chewed up all the toilet paper this French Bulldog has nothing to say. However, her Bull Mastiff “friend” has no problem literally pointing her out. Check out their hilarious reactions! Source & [More]

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