Dog Fail


J Lee says:

That is life. We do our best not to get into shit, but that shit comes to us at the least expected moment.

Benjamin Richards says:

The dog sounds like seal

CamiloSanchez1979 says:

Fun fact: They all died in a tsunami

Jonny Eldredge says:

I'll save you! I'll.. I'll save you!! I'm Comin hold, ah AHH OH NO, NOOOOO!

ManFromSerbia says:

is this camp mishawaka?

joebo34 says:


IdiodicVideosInc says:

This is what my dog does whenever we jump off the pier.

Makani Wind says:

Stupid sealion dog….

Elizabath Owen says:

hahahaha. I hate subborn dogs.

happpyhalo says:

That is a cute dog, but she sounds like a seal lion. xD

beast6501 says:

Press 9 reapedatly

Hedi Baer says:

Look at 0:35hahaah fail x3

Hedi Baer says:

Look at 0:34 hahaah fail x3

rumblefighterboy says:

Im glad i read the description

Edwin Ruiz says:

Lol and u guys need to cut that dogs hair it looks like a map

Nate Uce says:

@MrImontop12 Ill beat you in football

Dakota Thomas says:

@Nateboyee yea that sure did shut im up aha him fuckin retard aha jk dont get pissed and write some comeback cuz this was a joke

Nate Uce says:

that shut im up

constipationnow says:

press 1 for woof
press 2 for wooof
press 3 for woof
press 4 for woof
press 5 for …
press 6 for wiff
press 7 for wooff
press 8 for woof
press 9 for splash

Mat Broomfield says:

Heh heh, the old distract and shove technique. 37 seconds sooner could have saved everyone the sound her somewhat annoying bark. Course, she wouldn't have the tone of bark if people didn't keep tricking her into the water… 😉

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