Cats vs Dogs: The Ultimate Fight Battle

Dogs and cats fighting. For play? For real? You decide.

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Dat Boi says:

Top ten Anime Battles Cpmplation

Evan Thee Heavenly VII says:

I love how cats actually know how to fight. My cats when play fighting actually power bomb each other and put each other in headlocks. Keep in mind this is them playing . Greatest entertainment ever!

Iqmal Farhan B. Ismail Ismail says:

I think,dog think cat is tiger..thats why dog scared with cat

Golden & hero Crandall says:

Yah go team dog

Mangle the pirate lass says:

I need to see a real fight with some blood, crying choking, screaming, death, agressivness, death, WWE, death


Yo i have to say cats are quite smart when it comes to fighting

Livychanel says:

its funny cuz the dog did not do anything when it was getting slaped over and over lol:)

MisterFnaTiK says:

1:05 The cat is like WTF are you doing?

Master Furious says:

team cats for life

Ish Leon Lion says:

I go for cat and dog

ilCneubali 穂 says:

Ten seconds in… 0:10… This is why cats are my least favorite.. why would you attack a harmless pupper.. he will grow up and kill you ya know if you treat it like that.

panicatthefalloutboyheatherhamiltonmartinez uh says:

cats = dogs

Alex Bonao says:

The dog just wants to be nice

Trygve Stensvoll says:

If the larger dogs didn't want to play and actually wanted to fight it would be a different scenario. Look up "Cat attacks Chow Chow and learns a lesson". That dog was actually fighting, not playing.

Saba Hamza says:

Cats and dogs are the same thing.
Humans are just dumb enough to not realize.
Lets just say a cat is a dog that is missing a few bones and is edgy and lets say a dog is a cat that's just excited all the time… You get the point. Cats and dogs are almost the same thing…

Saba Hamza says:

0:25 is when the real shit starts.

Dan Menard says:

Cat doing the rope a dope at 1:10


The only thing dogs do in fight is bite, can you imagine a human only biting in fights. Cats in the other hand use teeth and paws.

Than again would like to get slapped or bitten in a fight?

Andreas Dim says:

Dogs have a such a big heart (and actually a soul, unlike cats). The could destroy these cats in seconds but they're so chill

Ejaz Games says:


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