Ocelot ATTACK!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote Peterson gets playfully attacked by a WILD Ocelot!

In what is sure to be one of our most unlikely and unbelievable animal encounters ever THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

Luckily for Coyote and the crew this juvenile jungle cat was more interested in playfully romping around rather than attacking with a full out aggressive strike!

Ocelot’s have a wide range stretching from Argentina to Texas and while they have fairly healthy populations in the topics they are extremely elusive and rarely seen by humans. There has never been another video like this and we feel so extremely fortunate to have had this incredible experience…it’s one we’ll certainly never forget.

Get ready to get up close with an Ocelot!

*Big thanks to La Tarde Ecolodge and Roel for hosting the team at this location. Please visit their website to book your own adventure in the breathtaking wilderness of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula today!

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RMS Titanic says:

Soooo cute bruv and when she just stands on his hat man im dead cuteness overload

Mya Everything'z says:

Omg the ocelot is too naughty and cute..0-0

dextersxxxxlab says:

Maybe you are right but there is a chance it is an eleven year old half tame margay instead of a few months old ocelot. In 2008 we went to the peninsula next to the peninsula you are at here. We visited an american guy. This i panama just a mile or two from the border with costa rica. In the past he owned different pieces of jungle and wanted it to be a wild life reserve. But local hunters did not respect that and many times he was forced to leave due to violence or polution of the water by factories up the river. This was his last area and money was gone. He had a semi tame margay. Once taken from a hunter that killed the mother to sell the baby. He hit the hunter and raised the margay at his hut in the jungle here. The margay walked outside every day by itself all day but because more and more jungle was cut by farmers there was just not enough jungle left for this margay to have a real territory to live. He needed to feed it on the side and because it was half tame it stayed in the close surroundings of the hut. When people with small children or a very small dog wandered the the jungle trail past the hut they had encounters with this margay. The margay wanted to play or hunt and several times small dogs and kids were "attacked". He decided to build the margay a cage to live in most of the day and let it run free on moments he did not expect people to walk in the area. The "cage" was huge. Two stories and a footprint bigger than my house. He showed satelite pictures of the peninsula. The pictures were taken about every 3 years and you could clearly see the changes in the jungle getting less and less area and getting replaced by farm land and the increase of erosion that comes with it. The once cristal clear waters around the peninsula started to get more murky with every picture. Turning more and more brown red instead of clear blue. His money was also running out because of the buying of land and having lawsuits against the people who tried to get rid of him. He wanted to protect wildlife but locals just want to live. Most of them pretty poor and needing the money the get from hunting for endangered species and selling the meat. Understandable but bad for the future. Long story short. He told us he was on the last reserves of his money and knew this was ending too. I can imagine he left and maybe relocated the margay on your peninsula in this protected wildlife area to give it a chance. It was sad to see this guy spending hundred thousends of dollars to try to do good but just getting problems with locals where ever he settled down because of ideals from his side and just plain survival needs on the other side

codea17 gamer101 says:


DbzStopMotion Productions says:

Aaaaaaaawwwwwwww so so cute good job coyote



minecraft builder gameing says:

Awaaaaaaaaa it is so quite

LOVE 1928 says:

I can tell its thirsty

kc8hnz says:


TroutOfOrder says:

Coyote goes between talking about how cute she is and how deadly it could be

TincySweetTart :3 says:


dance rocks says:

Can you get me an Ocelot
that for Christmas

United dairy Queen says:

A cat is a cat

Ponked says:

I want a pet ocelot

JD64E says:

incoherent shouting

Vanilla Marshmallow says:

This is so pure.

mik pol says:

you should have a pet animal

Samantha Silverdahl says:

Ooohhh mmmyyyy ggggooodddd

Jasmine Rose says:

awwe so CUTE but i’m scared 😍😍😂

bastiisalive says:

Kawanishi-Noseguchi, Kinunobebashi, Takiyama, Uguisunomori, Tsuzumigataki, Tada, Hirano, Ichinotorii, Uneno, Yamashita, Sasabe, Kofudai, Tokiwadai, Myokenguchi

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