Do Horseshoe Crabs STING?!

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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote finds a Horseshoe Crab while tide pooling in Maine!

More closely related to spiders and scorpions than crabs these ocean dwelling creatures have roamed the seas since the time of the dinosaurs. Today they can be found all over the world but only come close enough to shore certain times a year to reproduce. However timing these events can be hard to predict and it was only be mere chance that the Brave Wilderness team was able to happen upon one of these bizarre arthropods.

Now the only questions is…since they are closely related to scorpions, do Horseshoe Crabs sting?!

Get ready to find out!

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Lynne Luciani says:

Why do you get stung and bitten by animals

Ani Kalivaci says:

bruhh dafuq is that thing

DawgsElmo 30 says:

Idk it seems cute to me

L&D Ganaden says:


will riseabove says:

Hmm not sure how I feel about those on one hand the head is cool, it's a prehistoric animal and it reminds me of kabuto but at the same time it's related to spiders and dem legs..

Mikayla Vessels says:

Ready to see a alien? BLAARGG

Evelyn Sofia Rubio Sua says:

me parece una falta de respeto como ser lastimaste señor es que la verdad de ese señor no se puede lastimar así jamás se tiene que querer es que escoger alguno de esos animales que se pone lo pueden llegar a matar es que sólo puede hacerñ

Derreck Olsen says:

Get stung by a blue ring octopus

Stream Quase Diaria says:

What is this ? 2:15

Melissa Hernandez says:

It looks like a dinosaur fossil?

Ilpo Eeeben says:

That is one disgusting looking creature, still cool thou

MrBallPython says:

My first horshoe crab I saw was during a field trip to a bay in the second grade, still haven't seen one since and its been a good ten years.

Superman says:

Never watch this when your eating

Wooly Mammoth 234 says:

Hahahahaha horshoe crab are endangered

Wait they are ,shoooooot

SuperWhaleProduction says:

Brave wilderness is sick when youre high

Animelover 635 says:

Bet money those sand fleas could kill that horseshoe crab

Hafizzuddin sukri says:

Telur die masak lomak sodap ni

Pawtato says:

It looks like a Pokémon

JD Vickroy says:

I subscribed and loved the video

sian gallagher says:

That is so damn adorable!!!

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