Baby Loves Labrador Puppy because they are best friends | Dog and Baby Compilation

Baby Loves Labrador Puppy because they are best friends | Dog and Baby Compilation
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Charles Hobbins says:

Can everyone please send tweet to Yulin, China kitty, puppy 🐶 festival and the South Korean kitty cat puppies market! Their Twitter is @Yulinchina and @skoreakittens

thomas seven says:

How can you not love dogs and babies?

Hussain Saherwala says:

I wouldn't allow that. Dogs are cute but their saliva is dirty and children can get infected.

T Hyslop says:

kids and pups nothing sweeter

Amanda Jane Sworld says:

So lovely ❤❤

Leyla Abayhan says:


Pete Kondolios says:

the dog rocking the baby is too funny

betty akkemaai says:

the dog and baby from in the picture that Leeds me to this video was not in it. I looked twice. But still ooo live this video

Al Hamdan says:

வைரஸ் வந்துவிடம பேபி

Cricri 76 says:

C est mimi mais un animal n est pas un jouet

Brooke Casey says:

The puppies are so sweet and cute. 🙂 I want one of those cute puppies.

Gaurav Bhatnagar says:

What happened at 2:10 is best

Lucy Ferreira says:


perry trierweiler says:

1:06 the dog is trying to hump the boy….

Sara Sara says:

Q gracinha.. Fofuchos..apertar essas buchechas.. BB brincando com BB…ooooooo

Sara Sara says:

Que amorrrr kkkk fofos demais..amor verdadeiro

jill hollon says:

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bruno says:

Man, I hate those little bastards so much

I like the puppies, tho

Curt Brooks says:

God I miss having little kids around

Jaipal Singh says:

I love dog but I have no dog because my parent's not allowed but I want

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