Crusoe the Dachshund Full Vine Backup (2013 – 2017)

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Crusoe and Oakley the miniature dachshunds play construction worker wiener dogs for the day to help out the construction site foreman with some digging work. They put their front paws to work digging up the place. When you want a job done, hire dachshunds!


Lari Elizabeth says:

He's the most cutest dog❤️ I have the book of him and I love it so much❤️

mishbys mishbys says:

Класс, супер.))))👍👍👍

Ruth McGhie says:

He is so gorgeous. .what a life he has 💖


Crusoe, you remind me of my dachshund, he recently passed away. You're both the coolest ever.

Zyrix says:

Fullsize or mini?

tyvrymch says:

Thank you crusoe and co!!!!

Connie Alman says:

Thank you for making a longer video! My 3 year old grandson and I got to have a hour of fun together watching it. He loves Crusoe!

Lamarcus green says:

Finnaly a cute dog that is a celebrity

Sco G says:

Love's when he's playing PlayStation

Sco G says:

I love watching this dog this dog hilarious

Samsung Tab L.T.G Ltg says:

Crusoe im live in Netherland and i love dachshunds my father is allergisch for i dont know how you That word speaks but i love they and kobus the dachsund from my neigbor is a lovely dog

galmecoin says:

Absolutely love Crusoe and this video is the best collection of the reasons why. Thank you for sharing.

John McGlynn says:

Terrribly cute babies !

regina green says:

Thank you so much a lot I had not seen love to all you make me laugh its a part of my day

Eddie Leal says:

We have a mini dachshund ourselves. Black and tan. His name is Oscar. He's 5 years old. Unlike your doxie ours doesn't care to much for the costumes. Tried to put one on him and he worked his way out of it. Lots of work to train them considering they are a stubborn breed.

Amazing Grace says:

This video is a great antidepressant! Thanks, Crusoe man!

Liana Mori says:

Love the way your daddy talks to you Crusoe. You guys are a team!

AMaster says:


Zackzmp P says:

The potty one..omg!

Val G says:

I like the ones when he barks or is about to bark

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