Smart Dog vs Pulley System


Svitlana Hrabovsky says:

Hi there!
My name is Svitlana and I work with Jukin Media, a viral video licensing and production company from Los Angeles. We are interested in partnering up with you to represent this video. It's so adorable and intriguing. We would like to pitch it to our media contacts in Television and online publications. I would like to discuss our offer and services with you. Please email me at or give us a call at 323 932 0960.

Thank you!

lambda yak says:

albert where are you???????????????

DKawaiiX Panda says:

OMG he is the most smartest DOG IN THE WORLD!

hootypatootie says:

I'm proud of a dog I've never met!

The one and only ur mom says:

I love him so cute and so smart

MistyCripsy says:

yay Albert is back

Classicnoob_plays Videos and MORE! says:

Yay his is back

It's Just Me says:

Wow! What a smart dog!

kuglepen64 says:

I missed you Albert!

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