Dog Tricks Is your pit bull this smart?

Lady loves dog tricks. She plays dead, rolls over, turns the lights off, shakes, sits, lays down, gets her tail and her own treats!! I can teach her anything!! Make sure you check out my other 2 videos also!!


1111stunna1111 says:

good looking dog, i think all pitbulls are that smart, they are always willing to learn, mine know all the basic tricks, but am working on having my dog bring me a beer, so far he opens the fridge but refuses to grab the beer, i get it one day.

camsc0llies says:

Omg amazing ! I have a red nOSe pit puppy mixed with labradOr and he is very smart like Lady !! DOEs she know hand signals ?

Walter White says:

Hope this dog gets cancer

Jeffery Johnson says:

asking for help with my red nose? can anybody help need to know more? I don't want to be a bad owner 🙁

LipstiX Mowry says:

My dog was on Jeopardy!!!!

LipstiX Mowry says:

Yea, My dog does my fuckin HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!

Pet Paradise says:

I love her! My Zues was the same way! (Except for she is better at playing dead and she can get the light off quicker!) Zues was an amazing dog, ended up getting shot by a police officer. Zues was in my fence and ran over to him and the cop thought he was being attacked and shot my dog twice right in front of me.

Terrell Williams says:

Dam smart ass pit I wish I can make my pit like. That

Mufid Al-Ghifari says:

luv pilbull

Godden Blow says:

I want the puppy of her!

kevin klein says:

Actually to tell you the truth mine is smarter.
I taught mine her left from right paw, Taught her to sit and lay in spanish,
I put a piece of food on her nose and she will throw it up and catch it, she taught herself when she stays outside which is rare she will flip her food bowl over to keep other animals like squirrels and birds away from it what's crazy is the bowl is perfectly over the food. Haven't figured out quite how she does that without spilling it everywhere. I gotta get a gopro camera for that one.
She rides my four wheeler and my Kayak anytime I go. She is a sucker for a ride.

Cristina Sburlea says:

you have a gorgeous animal

OwGosHh says:

how do you teach your dog this kind of stuff ?? 

Tom Shannon says:

What a smart puppy and so pretty!  Very impressive!

William Officer says:

Really good job with her. Did u take your dog to obedience classes or on trained her on your own? ??

nikkilovesualot says:

Wow she is so smart and a very beautiful dog☺️😘

SpiderWayne says:

Just beautiful!  Good going here!

Jimbo Jerry says:

I LOVE THAT YOU DIDNT CLIP HER EARS OR TAIL!!!:)). She is a happy dog:).

RainbowFarmSalesChic says:

Good girl<3

Judah Mc Eachnie says:

you dont like my

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