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Thanks for watching, i hope you liked the video and the music!


Eimear Ryan says:

I just …LOVE IT

Shadow Sweetheart says:

Is that why they look so healthy? Cos of their meat diet?

Johanna Olsson says:

I just saw the vlog from oct 6th 2017, when they were filming alessia dancing in her chair. She needs to hear this and perhaps throw some new moves πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

Bianca Brumfield says:

Lol I approve

Scary Datary says:

Does anyone really know what bebo stunner means

Kittiepopz says:

I remember this omg

camille maniago says:

it's so hilarious when anna does the bianca voice. has anyone made a compilation of it yet ??

Ballet Star says:

Omg my step mum loves the part where it says " four for me and two for all the rest " lol

Duhitzjess says:

my maccie d's diet ain't no joke, twelve chicken nuggets and a bottle of coke ahahaha i love that bit

Elliott Vlogs says:


Shadow Sweetheart says:

She has butt in her name XD

max weedon says:

Trazy Lata says:

Hahha i still love this song!!!

Alyssia De Pauw says:

Bianca babe xD

Shane Curtin says:

This made me l;augh so much

Emma Mc Govern says:

Watching in august 2017

Nikolas Pikionis says:

What is wrong with bianca and nuvies

Amy Dargan says:

Look at 1:13 biancanvee dance

Donna Tutin says:

I never thought Anna swore

Laura Catherine says:

I love this ahahahaha

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