French Bulldog gets outed by his best friend

When asked who chewed up all the toilet paper this French Bulldog has nothing to say. However, her Bull Mastiff “friend” has no problem literally pointing her out. Check out their hilarious reactions!

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WinstonS84 says:

Mastiff: It was That Hoe Over There…

kent jandoc says:

haha turo pa more

Someone Had To says:

I love how the bulldog gives that look like "I have done nothing…."

Bella & Izzy says:

Then Abbey said….It wasn't me mum, a cow came in and messed the place up. I was just sitting here.

First Name Last Name says:

dogs are just fucking awesome, period.

sexgod6909 says:

That was sooo funny!!..The dogs' facial expressions were hilarious!!Thanks for sharing!!

Funlaughinlady says:

snitches get stitches!!!

alice ranger says:

I could not stop laughing, how can their mom resist so much cuteness?

MegaLBoogey says:

😂😂😂clearly snitched on Abby

unanimous300 says:

It seems to me that this woman is putting her dogs through some kind of psychological punishment, torture. One thing is for sure, they are not having fun.

Justin Time says:

I plead the Fifth…woof!

Sophie Doggett says:

My chihuahua chews lighters!! God knows how he hasn't blown himself up lol and before you's say why do you leave them lying around where he can get them ? I don't he just finds them or takes them out pockets

Sarah Young says:

Aw so cute! 🙂

tommy towse says:

i love these sorts of videos

theylied1776 says:

Snitches get Stitches!

CraftyLittleDevil says:

LOL the dog looks like, Yeah, I did it, so what!

Johnny Cade says:

After the bulldogs been outed it look definitely at her:So what,I'm glad i did it

Stephie2007 says:

Bull Mastiff: Of Course it was her! I saw her do it too!

BellaMetallicA says:

The dog actually pointed. That was great lol.

boromirtheboring says:

I regret nothing

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