Spider With Three Super Powers – The Hunt – BBC Earth

Known for eating other spiders, Portia is a genus of the jumping spider that is able to leap up to 50 times her own body length. Captured by stunning close up footage, we get to witness this amazing spider use its super powers to dine on prey three times her size.

Taken From The Hunt

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schchen2000 says:

This spider is way smarter than Trump, his entire family and the Republican Party combined!

Gregg Schaftler says:

Metal Web Solid 3: Spider Eater


the only thing is they have the same size and it has venom =L

gircakes says:

That spider looks very crusty.

CraftboyPlayz MC 21 says:

We are all men untill speders fly. I dreamed that. Pray for me

Patty rodgers says:

do you think i could get one at pet shop? and just have it by my shoulder as i walk in my ghetto neighborhood and teach it to attack?

Pizza Pija says:

A spider eating spider.

Megan Gamble says:

jumping spiders are one of my favorite animals<3 so intelligent for the insect/arachnid world…besides being adorable with their big eyes, intelligence actually makes them less scary to me than other spiders…its not a mindless biting machine…its a little creature with a mind ๐Ÿ™‚

Ryan Smith says:

Who else looked upwards as it was descending on the spider?

Ya know just in case

Momo BG says:

Stealth 100


That voice… unmistakable!

Leroy821000 says:

Playing adc 2017

[DG] Dark Gaming says:

Spider the movie GONE WRONG

Jed Maegraith says:

She did better than Ethan Hunt

henryEZ says:

rip david attenboroghu

Jason Lundgren says:

When you realize a spider is smarter than you…

;( y

Stirlingite Gamer says:

TBH I find the Portia spider really adorable

Marija Miskovic says:

This is cool on so many levels.

Vann Leofold says:

Thats spiders so smart and savage.

Vann Leofold says:

What happens when that spider jumps and go through your ear?

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