How Cats Say “I Love You”

Cats say “I Love you” to their humans all the time, learn how kitties show their affection with the help of Cole & Marmalade … If you know of anymore ways cats show their love to their human slaves purr-lease tell us in the comments section 🙂



MUSIC: “I’m in Love” APM Music


Ella Fnaf Speedpaints and Animations says:

This is the video that just showed me my cat loves me

Delva Nadhif says:

I like cat but i don't have a cat weird…..

Nathan Jay says:

I feel very very sorry for what I had done to my cute kittens! There's a animal cruelty in back my head and i been try to get it out my head by kissing my kittens! Then my animal cruelty spread all over my body and there's this kitten that loved me I didn't know I started to lock them in my box I feel bad! I should been more cat loving😭😭😭

Darryl Bernard says:

All 3 of my cats do most of these things.

Merlin Suleyman says:

They're so CUTE!! I just wanna hug and kiss them 😍😍😍😘😘🐈🐈🐱🐱# CATSRULE

cat 100 says:

I love cats, ma armastan kasse

Cdlrrcb Games says:

This is cats knowing how to manipulate humans to think they love them, before they strike and steal from you!!

Pewpewpie says:

i remember how my cat at night was sleep on my face

Redstone Red says:

My 2 cats do all of these! <3 But the boy one doesn't do all of them,, but most of them

okay lxcy says:

My cat comes with me in da toilet..xD

Spela Starkel says:

i am crying because you show me that my Angel love me. Thank you do much!😘😘😍🐈🐱

Hailey Baker says:

Kissing booth?

Laziii Liz says:

Can I have ur cats ? (Jk) now that I see cats r so cute I WANT A CAT INSTEAD OF A DOG or actually both r sooo cute >~<

niceguytim says:

For my cat a kiss was a nose to nose touch.

Ryder Dralpha says:

lol, i didnt know SLOW BLIND is a kind of cat's loving-you-

Ehwarrior says:

Good to know that someone loves their cats truly (and the cats loving them back of course), and yee
Not those weird "laugh at the cat" videos that harm those poor felines 🙂

Virginia Ugalde slendytubbies says:

0:28 no one knows there's a Bug in the background

Diana Vidana says:

TYSM Now I know why my cats kiss me on my lips

mlp fan4life says:

My old cat was rubbing on me my niabor stole her she lover me

Sabrina Devin Hines says:

Nice choice of song ps Cole is cute!

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