This dog chases darts when they’re thrown on TV

Found on facebook, thought was pretty hilarious, All credits go to original owner of video – another funny dog video


essex420 says:

All Springers are crazy,

micro gaming hd says:

it's a dog

Samantha Johnson says:

This is my dog and the video has been copied – not cool

soundtrax says:

Is this the first vertical video of the year?

Linda Gondwe says:

Lol bless the dog

Gobby Prick says:

Not the brightest are they.

ChrisDanceMusic says:

i hate cats

RRG says:

Pretty funny

Peter Tiger chilli says:

Golden thanks for posting πŸ˜‚

Kelsey Mcgovern says:

Thats crazy

Tahiya Mahin says:

HAHAHAHAHA omg this is so cute wow and the other dog sitting there like 'I am not amused' hahahahaha it makes it more funny lol

J says:

Then he suddenly appears on the TV

Cameron White says:

The dog just sitting there not moving though.

Darts Review Channel says:

LOL that's great! πŸ™‚

Schdradah says:

Lol. This cat is stupid.

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