Dog, Cat Brothers Are Best Friends: Cat Loves Dog Since He Was a Puppy | The Dodo

Dog, Cat Brothers Are Best Friends Since Forever | This cat has been obsessed with his dog ever since he was a puppy. Keep up with this adorable duo on Facebook: and Instagram:

Video by: Faith Bernstein

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The Dodo says:

Keep up with this adorable duo on Facebook and Instagram:

world wars toys says:

πŸ‘•. πŸ‘š
πŸ‘–. πŸ‘–
πŸ‘ž. πŸ‘Ÿ

Sakonema says:

Could we paint only every other letter yellow please?

Andreia Saraiva says:


James Burke&Stephen King says:

"Cats and dogs living together!! Mass hysteria!!"Β Β – Ghostbusters

Coconut ScienceGirl92 says:

Oh my dog…that is so friken adorable

Jan Badinski says:

I want a dog.

Hilda AYBAR says:

Aw how sweet, I wish my dogs & cats 🐱 love ❀️ each other like this

Snowme says:

That thumbnail…."And this is strange why?"

Khirani Thrihatmodjo says:

Who ever disliked this video shame on you

Farmer Ted says:

too cute. πŸ™‚

Alyssa Bullock says:

That's adorable, omg!

Chicolaye Valve says:

0:14 Romeo and 'Juliet '

Vesper Martini says:

Baron is just in it for the licks.

Alba otalvRo says:

Cositas hermosas ❀️❀️❀️

J A Jones-Ford says:

Best Friends Forever


πŸ™‚ <3 <3 <3

Troy Stuart says:

My dog loves my cat….however my cat doest feel the same way

And the cat definitely wears the pants in this relationship. My dog is scared of my cat, but its a healthy fear because my cat swats at her sometimes, not with claws out, just a warning swat like you're in my way type of thing. But sometimes if the fat bastard cat is trying to get feed and the humans aren't feeding him, he tries to take out his anger on my poor dog, and the dog is so sweet. She wouldn't hurt a fly, one of my dogs favorite play mates is my nieces rabbit.

Butters The Bean says:

Aww they're so cute! Especially the staring contest part.

Madison Freeman says:

Sending love and blessings to these precious fur children. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video. Made my heart smile.

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