Cat and Dog Play Fighting

In this video out cat Max is trying desperately to get our Labrador Retriever Storm’s attention so he can have a good cat vs. dog play fight. Check out the right-hook on Max, he was quite the character!


TacOcatT says:

AWWWWW❤️❤️❤️❤️ IT'S SOOO CUTE 😂😂😊😊😊😊

rick neal says:

2:12 Dog: ENOUGH!!!

Random Dude says:

Damn that cat is ice cold, always going to neck or eyes.

William Murray says:

Labs , such good natured dogs . Like big happy kids !

Face Off says:

all the dog has to do is clamp its jaws on the cat and its game over

Tom Gregory says:

cat is using the table as a defensive mechanism while he dishes out punches

Hanzo says:

What a gentle soul the lab dog is.

ShpookyBear369 says:

I am always scared when cats play with big dogs because if the dog bites the cat's neck it will break and the cat will die.

Sarah Sepanski says:

Oh my GOD! That cat is annoying. lol I prefer dogs.

Nghĩa Lê Thị says:

Omg! The cat is so cute! They re happy to play together. And this is a cute play, not a fight! )))

Dick Rock says:

the cat hitting him with some mean hooks and jabs

razorback9926 says:

Anyone who has ever had a cat or dog can tell this is playing, and not fighting. If any person thinks otherwise, he/she knows nothing about animal behavior.

MsRoadtoRiches says:

I love labs and cats! Thanks for the smiles

Epic Video Clips says:

Ther are best friends and this video proves it!

Kimberly Hayes says:

How adorable!!!! Awweeeee

majidi says:

just finished watching another youtube video of a corgi trying to get a cat to play with him. Cat was having none of it. That corgi and this cat need to meet up. Cute!

joel750 says:

Keep the Lab and get rid of that no good, piece-of shit absolutely WORTHLESS AND USELESS mooching cat or better yet: …DROWN IT IN THE TOILET then throw it in the garbage dead where it belongs. Cats should be hunted to extinction for the benefit of mankind because it's really nothing more than a opportunist mooching animal that doesn't give you shit for anything.

Caden says:

0:22 the cat dabs 😂😂

Nighthawke70 says:

Just sit on the asshole, he'll stop then.

Gaurav Singh says:

1:10 The look 😍

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