Dog Umbrella Dance

Occurred on December 20, 1999 / Brondby, Denmark

“My dog, Zion, an Australian Shepherd, was showing off his little rain dance in my garden.”

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ante D says:

아이고 내 심장아

김영은 says:


Korya Iine says:

Look at the fear in its eyes.

Horked says:

Doge approve

Horked says:

dogs love to play and fool around, those of you who think this is abuse, knows nothing about animals, this is clearly not an abused dog in any sense of the word, you can tell this just by looking at it

Cat Vonn says:

Wel, dit baasje doet nog wat met z'n hond. Onder andere mentale training – Geweldig…

Sam LSD says:

LMAO poor dog is trying to make it to cat walk. don't hate.

cybernova games says:


billiswilling says:

ive seen some hidden camera footage where the owners hit the dogs if they dont do their performance right, hope this is not another case

Jean Pierre Wehry says:

Those hops she does are just adorable.

aaeshah stockton says:

Awww cute😘😘😘

Judge Jude says:

Why is the dog made to do cat-walk ? LOL

Leone Leoncino says:

Ma ammazzati non è mica un giocattolo

eduzappa18 says:

animal abuse

Undertale Catwolfdog says:

Third comment

Memes Memes says:

First and awwww

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