Funny Dog Vines with Louie The Beagle #2


Lucija Burcul says:

My beagle is like your πŸ™‚

neruawesome ppl says:

Hes so darn cute

margessw says:

Actually some dogs really love apples !

Kittima Case says:

Did you make up the cow song by the way the cow song is so cute:):):):)

karl martti says:

they aint even vines

Kindofloveable says:

I should be getting my beagle puppy around the same time you get yours, mine was born on March 7th! I'm watching all of Louies videos to keep myself content til I get my little beagly baby!

eric le says:

Poor Louie at 4:35…he's looked scared…lol.

Pacis_Animus says:

He is beautiful! I "smile" too when my mom scratches me in the yummy spot!

m1uffi says:

This is again a pretty Video with the sweet Louie !!!One have to love him !!

Roshni Ohri says:

I'm such a huge fan of your dog.

Teddy The Beagle says:

This video is the only one of your videos I can't watch, it says: this video is not available. πŸ™

Beckie Jo says:

Your Louie makes me smile so much XD our beagle is just as naughty and you can't help but love em!

BeagleLover97 says:

I love this so much and tell everyone you can that I subscribed you

Fanou051 says:

le bruitage lorsque le 2 apparait est terrible. il en faut peu pour me faire rire
Louie est toujours aussi dingue πŸ˜‰

Grant Kidd says:

Just watch Louie in that tall grass, my Beagle was running about in some tall grass and there is a common injure that rips their nails. It looked like our vet was going to have to pull the whole nail off but thankfully she did not have to do that. Still got a massive vet bill though that pet insurance don't cover.Β 

Illusion MTB says:

Hahahaha <—– Yet again … what a dog you got there! Such a crazy beagle, I know hes soft in the hear though ;D

Charlie the beagle and Laura says:

Louie is a Β crazy and cute beagle. I really enjoy his vines:)

Folissa says:

Soo cute ;3

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